​​​​​Help for Site Owners

As the owner of a DSA SharePoint site, you are responsible for all of the content stored ​​​​on your site. You are also one of the main points of contact for your users if they have questions on how to find something, or how to use certain aspects of the site. 

The information on this page is designed to help answer your questions, and to help you guide your users to the information they need.

*We are working to update the information on this page. There will be new information added over the next few months!

Site Owner Tasks

Working with Documents​ 

Working with Pages
Adding/Editi​ng Links on your Site's Home Page
  • Adding new pages to your Site
  • ​Adding Web Parts to Pages
  • Working with Web Parts

Working with Lists

  • Creating a List
  • Adding/Editing Items in a List
  • Adding a List Web Part to your Page
    • ​Setting the Default View of a List Web Part

Helping Users with Their Questio​ns

  • Finding Documents
  • Downloading Documents
  • Linking to Documents & Libraries
  • Working with Libraries
    • Setting alerts in a library