Requesting or Deactivating a Site

The SharePoint Administrator is responsible for creating Sites within the DSA SharePoint Portal.

Requests for new Sites can be made by contacting the SharePoint Administrator. The SharePoint Administrator will be responsible for gathering Site Requirements. Requests must be approved by department manager or division head of requesting user.

Final approval for creation of a SharePoint Site is determined by WWRC IS Division Head or designee and is based on Site requirements, complexity, audience, necessity, and available options. If it is determined that SharePoint will not meet the needs of the request or its users, the SharePoint Administrator will refer the requestor to additional resources, if available. If approved, and depending on Site complexity, setup could take 3+ business days.

Site Owners may request a Subsite to be created within their respective Site(s) through the SharePoint Administrator. The Administrator may also grant Site Owners permission to create Subsites within their respective Site(s).

SharePoint sites must be used for the purpose initially requested. If the initial need for the Site changes, the Site Owner must notify the SharePoint Administrator.

SharePoint Sites that are no longer needed should be de-activated. Site Owners are responsible for notifying the SharePoint Administrator when a Site needs to be de-activated.  The SharePoint Administrator will perform quarterly site maintenance to maintain adequate use of system resources.

Sites with outdated content and/or no activity for more than 12 months will be reviewed. The SharePoint Administrator will work with Site Owners of dormant sites to determine if the Site should be removed and data storage reclaimed, reassigned to another Site Owner, or if assistance is needed to reactivate the Site.