DSA SharePoint User Roles and Responsibilities


​WWRC Server Administrator​Install SharePoint Patches, IIS Patches, Server Patches.

System Maintenance, including server handware upgreades and backup/restore in compliance with Information Services policies.

​IS Personnel. Assigned by and reports to WWRC Information Systems Division Head.
SharePoint  Administrator

Responsible for site collection administration, running query reports. 

Send notifications about outages, maintenance, and training to Site Owners.

Tier One end-user support for Site Owners and all issues related to login, membership, and password reset/recovery for Forms Authentication users.

Creates/updates training content, provides training for users through online, phone and classroom platforms.

Create and maintain main Portal pages and content. Creates Sites. Grants permissions to Site Owners.

Site provisioning and site storage usage maintenance, requests additional storage as needed. Escalates issues to the Server Administrator.




IS Personnel. Assigned by and reports to WWRC Information Systems Division Head.
Site Owner

Grants access to users for the site they manage. Forward notifications about outages, maintenance, training to site users. Serves as point of contact for contributors/viewers of local Site.

Rights and Responsibilities are limited to the local Site.

Responsible for managing content on local Site including pages, lists and libraries.

Ensures all content on their Site remains accurate, timely and reliable.

Requests accounts for External users to the SharePoint Administrator.

Responsible for creating and implementing a test plan based on the complexity of the site.

Must be an employee of a DSA Agency.

Assigned by Division Manager or Supervisor.