Section 2.1 CORE

WWRC Administrative Procedures Statement

2.1.1    WWRC Vision in Action
2.1.2    Annual Training Requirements

        • Annual Training Calendar
        • Compliance Monitoring and Accountability

2.1.3    Cashier Office Access & Use

2.1.4    Communication Transparency

        • Public Information, Public Relations, and Marketing

2.1.5    Employee Accommodations
2.1.6    Employee Recruitment, Selection, & Hire
2.1.7    Ethical Conduct

      • Core Ethical Principles
      • Ethical Decision-Making Model

2.1.8    Grant Development & Administration

        • Grant Proposal Development and Approval Process
        • Post-Award Administration
        • Processing Requests for Letters of Support/Commitment from Partner Organizations

2.1.9    Orientation for Staff, Volunteers, and Interns/Affiliates

        • New Employee Orientation Program: Classified & Hourly Positions
        • Orientation Program: Volunteers
        • Orientation Program: Affiliates/Interns

2.1.10   Research Development & Administration

        • Research Development & Approval Process
        • Post-Award Administration
        • Training
        • Annual Certification

2.1.11   Staff Professional Development & Training

        • Sponsorship Protocols: Training & Related Travel Requests
        • Compliance Monitoring & Accountability

2.1.12   Tobacco Product Use

        • Purchase and use of Tobacco Products by Minors
        • Use of Designated Smoking Areas

2.1.13   Volunteer Services

        • Volunteer Recruitment, Application, and Selection Procedures
        • Volunteer Service Qualifiers
        • Volunteer Service Documentation
        • Volunteer Benefits  

2.1.14   Access and Use of DHRM Employment Dispute Resolution (EDR) Services

2.1.15    Employee Separations

2.1.16    Consumer Job Shadowing on the WWRC Campus

      • General Terms and Conditions
      • Roles and Responsibilities

Section 2.2: Safety and Risk Management

2.2.1    After Hours On-Call Personnel Access
2.2.2    Alcohol & Drug Use
2.2.3    Alcohol & Drug Testing Requirements for Positions Requiring Licensing as a Commercial                       Operator
2.2.4    Campus Safety

        • Elevator Safety
        • Emergency Alert System
        • Life, Safety, and Health Program
        • Safety and Risk Management Program
        • Identification Badges
        • Visitation Management System

2.2.5    Contacting WWRC Facility Services

        • Special Circumstance Protocols

2.2.6    Contacting the WWRC Police

2.2.7    Scheduled Intake Day Preparation and Delivery

2.2.7(a) Day One Dorm Room Preparation

2.2.7(b) Day One Intake Experience

2.2.8    Emergency Preparedness
2.2.9    Inclement Weather

      • WWRC Alert/Notification System
      • WWRC Operations During Periods of Closure
      • Staff Expectations During Inclement Weather
      • Designated Personnel Compensation During Authorized Closings

2.2.10   Key/Lock Access & Use

        • Definitions
        • Key Custody
        • WWRC Client Access: Dorm, Lock Box, and Room Rental Keys
        • Records Maintenance and Inventory

2.2.11   Medical Emergencies

        • Medical Emergency
        • Non-Urgent Medical Care
        • Injured Party Responsibilities
        • Transporting Clients in a Medical Emergency

2.2.12   Operation of WWRC Passenger Vans & Buses

      • Passenger Van Considerations
      • Accountability

2.2.13   Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
2.2.14   Prevention, Control, & Reporting of Infectious Diseases
2.2.15   Reporting Child or Adult Abuse or Neglect

        • Mandated Reporters
        • Mandated Reporting Protocol
        • Training and Resources

2.2.16   Reporting Weapon Inflicted Wounds
2.2.17   Security Video Usage
2.2.18   Temporary Emergency Shelter
2.2.19   Threat Assessment & Response
2.2.20    Safe Operation of Vehicles

        • Use of State Vehicles
        • Approval Process: Travel of Non-Center Persons in a State Vehicle
        • Safe Operation of Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles

2.2.21   Title IX Compliance

      • Assignment of a WWRC Title IX Coordinator
      • Education & Preventive Programming
      • Understanding Special Rules of Confidentiality
      • Administration of Student Complaint & Grievance Procedures
      • Management of Title IX Investigations
      • Campus, Civil, and Criminal Consequences of Committing Acts of Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harrassment, and Sexual Violence

          2.2.22   Radio Communication During Emergency Events on Campus

2.2.23   WWRC Consumers - Travel To and From Campus

2.2.24    Safe State Vehicle Backing Protocols (Operating State Vehicles in Reverse)

      • Use of Spotters
      • Use of Cones 

2.2.25    Hazardous Waste Management

2.2.26    Small Unmanned Aircraft System Operations on Campus


Section 2.3: Client Services

2.3.1    Student Financial Assistance Programs and Coordination of Services

             2.3.1(a): Title IV Student Financial Aid Eligibility & Coordination of Services

      • Definitions
      • Governance Procedures
      • Educational Qualification 
      • Career Pathways Program Basis of Determination
      • Roles and Responsibilities 

            2.3.1(b): Participation in the State Approved Agency Veterans Education and Training                                            Program and Coordination of Services

      • Definitions
      • Governance Procedures
      • Roles and Responsibilities

2.3.2    Assistive Technology (AT) Procurement & Loan Use for Clients

        • Definitions
        • ACT Loaner Library Programs: Access & Use Protocols

2.3.3    Authorization for Outside Goods & Services

2.3.4    WWRC Student Grievance and Appeals Management System

   2.3.4(a) WWRC Student Grievance Management System

      • Filing an Informal Grievance
      • Filing a Formal Grievance
      • Withdrawal of a Grievance
      • Coordination with Accreditation Body Requirements
      • Quality Improvement Procedures

   2.3.4(b) Institution Level Consumer Appeals: Triggers and Protocols

        • Definitions
        • What Qualifies for an Appeal at the Institution Level?
        • Institution Level Appeal Process Protocols
        • Coordination with Federal VR Regulations and Applicable DARS Policies and Procedures
        • Coordination with Accreditation Body Requirements

2.3.5    Client Medication

        • Mailing Medications
        • Receiving Medications via USPS

2.3.6    Client Records

        • Roles and Responsibilities
        • Case Record Standards
        • Safeguarding Client Records

2.3.7    Confidentiality, Privacy, and Disclosure

        • Information Disclosure
        • Role-Specific Program Responsibilities
        • Responding to External Requests for Client Information
        • Protocols for Changing a Client Record
        • Breach and Sanctions
        • Accountability
        • Orientation and Training Requirements

2.3.8    Consumer Harassment

        • What Is a Staff/Consumer Boundary Issue?
        • What Do I Do if a Potential Boundary Issue Exists?

2.3.14   Media Release Agreement

2.3.15   Medical Services for WWRC Day Students

2.3.16   Mental Health Crisis Intervention

      • Suicide Threat or Decomposition
      • Suicide Attempt
      • Physical Aggression
      • Disposition Options
      • Transportation
      • Documentation

2.3.17   Rehabilitation Team Meetings

        • What is the Protocol to Request a Team Meeting?
        • What are Expectations for Rehabilitation Team Members?
        • WWRC/DRS Rehabilitation Team Communication Expectations and Protocols

2.3.18   Report Distribution

        • Multidisciplinary Programs Case Managed by a WWRC Rehabilitation Counselors
        • PERT Services Case Managed by a WWRC Rehabilitation Counselor and PERT Field Specialist
        • Outside Physician and DSA Referrals for Outpatient Evaluations
        • Assistive Technology/Outpatient DME Reports
        • Hard Copy and Electronic Copy Business Processes

2.3.19   Reporting & Investigating Missing Clients
2.3.20   Search & Seizure
2.3.21   Student Work Opportunities
2.3.22   Sexual Assault & Other Sexual Violence Procedure

      • Staff Roles and Responsibilities
      • Coordination with the WWRC Title IX Coordinator

2.3.23   Use of Service Animals

2.3.24   WWRC Client Transportation

2.3.25   Management of Student Behaviors

2.3.26   Medication Management

      • Definitions
      • Medication Management:  General Expectations and Requirements
      • Critical Medications
      • Other Medications
      • Transportation
      • Documentation

2.3.28    Urine Drug Screen (UDS) Administration and Management

      • WWRC Urine Drug Screening (UDS) Administration and Management Overview
      • Substance Abuse Assessment & Treatment Protocols
      • WWRC UDS Administration Protocols
      • Circulation of Results

2.3.29    Disposition of Abandoned Consumer Property

2.3.30     Consumer Death - Alert and Response System

Section 2.4: Accountability

2.4.1   Campus & Facility Use

        • Facilities Available for Use
        • General Guidelines for Use of WWRC Campus & Facilities
        • Use of WWRC Campus and Facilities for Routine Events
        • Use of WWRC Campus and Facilities for Non-Routine Events
        • WWRC Special Events Campus/Facility Use Form

2.4.2a  Children in the Workplace
2.4.2b  Animals in the Workplace
2.4.3    Continuing Education Provider Administration & Management

        • Administration & Management of CE Activities for WWRC Employees
        • Administration & Management of CE Activities for Non-WWRC Staff

2.4.4    Contracts and Service Agreements

2.4.5    Director's Discretionary Fund

2.4.6    Employee Educational Assistance

      • Eligibility Criteria
      • Allowable Education Assistance Award Limits
      • Agreements Required

2.4.7    Forms Development, Approval, and Management (Client-Related)

      • Definitions
      • Forms Development Guidelines
      • Forms Review and Approval Protocols

2.4.8    Inventory Management & Control

      • Roles and Responsibilities of WWRC's Materials Management Department
      • Roles and Responsibilities of WWRC Employees

2.4.9    Procurement of Goods & Services

      • Roles and Responsibilities of WWRC's Purchasing and Contracts Office
      • Roles and Responsibilities of WWRC Employees

2.4.10 WWRC Education and Training Refund Policy Implementation Standards, Expectations and                 Protocols
2.4.11   Responding to External Requests for Information and Engagement with Elected Officials

      • Contact with the Media
      • Contact with Local, State, and Federal Legislators and Other Elected Officials
      • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests
      • Deposition, Subpoena, and Court Orders
      • Data Requests

2.4.12 Space Management

      • Roles and Responsibilities of WWRC's Building Managers
      • Approval for Purchase, Erection, or Placement of Structures on Center Property
      • Movement of Staff, Computers, Printers, & Other Technologies

2.4.13 Staff Participation in Speaking Engagements

      • Approval Process
      • Use of Data in Speaking Engagements

2.4.14   University Internship/Affiliate Experiences

      • Program Options
      • Standardized Protocols for Partnerships with University Programs

2.4.15     Use of State Property After Hours

2.4.16     Donations and Private Funding/ Sponsorships/Resources:  Role of the WWRC    

                Foundation and Council of Organizations

2.4.17     WWRC Recycling Program 

2.4.18     Loaner Mobility Device Program 

2.4.19     Data Requests, Data Management and Data Use

      • Definitions
      • Standardized Business Processes: Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations

2.4.20 Customer Satisfaction

      • Customer Satisfaction Written Plan 
      • WWRC Customer Satisfaction Distribution Plan 

2.4.21  Portable Space Heaters

      • Procedure:  Request to Verify the Set Point in a Given Area
      • Procedure:  Reasonable Accommodation Request

2.4.22 WWRC Capital Outlay Program

2.4.23 Providing Tribute to Others: Named Locations, Memorials, Dedications, and Service Signs

      • Naming of Locations on the WWRC campus
      • Designation of a Memorial or Dedication
      • Employee 40 Year (or More) Service Signs

Section 2.5: Technology

2.5.1  Information Security Access Agreement (ISAA) Use

2.5.2   Information Technology (IT) Security Training Management and Accountability System

        • Scope
        • Roles & Responsibilities
        • Training Compliance Monitoring and Documentation

2.5.3   Facility Services  Work Order System

2.5.4   Rehabilitation Technology Acquisition and Use

        • Definitions
        • Guiding Principles
        • Role of the Champion
        • Acquisition & Replacement

2.5.5   Video-Conference & GoToMeeting Events

        • Before the Event
        • On the Day of the Event
        • After the Event

2.5.6   Website Maintenance

        • Role & Function of Departments/Divisions
        • Role & Function of OD&QA
        • Role & Function of the WWRC Executive Team

           2.5.7   SharePoint Site Administration and Management

        • Definitions
        • WWRC Users:  Requesting a New SharePoint Site
        • WWRC Site Owner Expectations:  SharePoint Administration and Management