September 1 - 30, 2018

2.1.12 - Use of Tobacco Products on WWRC Campus

  • ​​Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems are restricted to designated smoking areas​. 

August 1 - 31, 2018




2.2.1 -  After Hours On-Call Personnel Access


  • expanded scope to include all staff serving as on-call personnel (not just on-call administrators) - note title change from On-Call Administrator to On-Call Personnel
  • added  info about use of mobile devices as a resource tool
  • added compensation section for uniform practice across Center operations

2.2.7 – Scheduled Intake Day Preparation and Delivery - reformatted with main topic overview and links to 2 subsections:  


  • 2.2.7(a)  identifies business processes for coordination between Facility Services and Student Services Division for dorm room preparation
  • 2.2.7 (b)  establishes a set of written standards and expectations that provide consistency and uniformity for routine Intake Day business processes, as differentiated by the type of admission (Residential, Day Student, Rothrock Hall-Vocational, Rothrock Hall Medical Rehab Program), and that facilitate effective, efficient, and customer-focused services, as observed and perceived by others.    Further, this governance identifies roles and responsibilities of Admissions, Student Health, Rehabilitation Counseling, and Residential Staff on any given Intake Day and delineates business processes for logistics such as Front Desk coverage, Central Lobby coverage, use of Student Ambassadors, management of luggage carts, and parking lot clearance.
2.2.9 - Inclement Weather
  • Expanded scope to include/delineate expectations and authority to act under extreme weather conditions (Hot/Cold) 


2.3.1 (a) - Student Financial Aid Eligibility and Coordination of Services

  • updated to document standards for the processing, storage, and disposal of FAFSA application and PELL Grant Records  and protection of sensitive PII – Updated roles/responsibilities for Admissions and added roles/responsibilities of Records Management Services.  


2.3.7 - Confidentiality, Privacy, and Disclosure

  • Integrated AG Office guidance on sharing of education records with parents (HIPAA vs. FERPA) 

2.5.2 - IT Security Training Management and Accountability System


  • Revised to reflect shift from WWRC to DARS IT Security Office for overall Agency administration BUT to maintain the 

          accountability for compliance monitoring and documentation for WWRC employees as part of WWRC's centralized New Employee

         Orientation Program and Annual Training Plan.  

3.1.1 - Agency Guidance Documents​

  • Revised per new Code of Virginia regulatory requirements passed by 2018 Virginia General Assembly


3.3.1 -  Student Financial Assistance Programs

  • reformatted with main topic overview and links to 2 subsections:  
    • 3.3.1 (a)  Title IV Student Financial Aid Eligibility (reflects updated USDOE

                        regulatory reporting requirements)

  • 3.3.1 (b) Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Education and Training

Services (reflects updated VA regulatory reporting requirements)

3.5.1 - IT Security Training Management and Accountability System

  • Revised to reflect changes implemented resulting from OD&QA Division

Director's retirement.  See comment 2.5.2​​

​​June 1 - July 31, 2018



2.2.10 Key or Lock Access and Use

  • Added Planning and Construction Director to list of those positions approved for Grand Master key
  • Updated Key Request and Return Forms and added both forms to the Document Repository for Forms
  • Changed cost for Lost Vehicle Keys (Replacement Cost) and Key Cards ($10.00)

4.4.3 Behavioral Menu of Services

  • Updated July 2018

May 1 - 31, 2018



AGM Section 1 - Overview

Under "Core Business Drivers & Performance Metrics", added operational reference links to WIOA Strategy Team Charter and WIOA Measures and WWRC Protocols 

2.2.10  Key/Lock Access and Use

  • Added Facility Services Maintenance Supervisor to list of unlimited access positions

2.3.1 Student Financial Assistance Programs and Coordination of Services

  • Previously provided guidance and expectations for the identification, qualification, and processing of PELL grant funding for eligible consumers.  2.3.1 has now been modified as an umbrella set of governance standards related to Student Federal Financial Aid Programs/Coordination of Services, with subparts a & b to provide specific protocols for each of the types of federal financial aid.   This allows us to protect the integrity of business processes for different regulatory bodies, while defining the common elements.  What was previously 2.3.1 is now 2.3.1(a) and 2.3.1(b) is NEW.

2.3.1 - Student Financial Assistance Programs and Coordination of Services (NEW)

2.3.1(a) - Title IV Student Financial Aid Eligibility and Coordination of Services (revision date and numeric assignment are the only changes)

2.3.1(b) - Participation in the State Approved Agency Veterans Education and Training Program and Coordination of Services (NEW)

4.4.3   Revised WWRC Behavioral Menu of Services

5.2.2   Sanctioned WWRC Teams, Committees and Workgroups

  • Added information regarding WIOA Strategy Team

5.2.3 Sanctioned WWRC Team Charters

  • Added WIOA Strategy Team Charter 


5.3.3 WIOA Measures & WWRC Protocols

  • The purpose of this document to provide documentation of the business rules and assumptions needed to establish and maintain accurate reporting pertaining to WIOA measures.   This will serve as the official working document pertaining to WIOA related items for WWRC.   Additionally, this document will inform Virginia DARS regarding specific data protocols at WWRC that pertain to WIOA related measures. 



March 1 - 31, 2018


2.4.16    WWRC Foundation and Other 501(c)3 Funding Requests TITLE CHANGED TO: Donations

               and Private Funding/Sponsorships/Resources:  Role of the WWRC Foundation and               

               Council of Organizations


        Other changes: 

·         Retitled to clarify expanded content

·         Purpose and Accountability Statements updated

·         Clarification of roles of 501(c)(3) organizations, with protocols/expectations for access and use

·         New subsection on process for donations


5.2.3    Pegboard Team Charter

 Changes in department title from Career and Workforce Development Services to Career and Workforce Development Division 

February 1 - 28, 2018



2.2.20  Safe Operations of Vehicles on Campus

Clarified requirements for WWRC consumers-in-training, volunteers and affiliates to be eligible to operate golf carts and utility vehicles on campus

2.2.22  Radio Communication During Emergency Events on Campus

Added statement under third bullet regarding scan feature:  Engage the scan feature ONLY IF NEEDED - Doing so will increase the amount of radio traffic received.

Added to end of bulleted listing:  If you do not receive an acknowledgement, then your message was not received.   Pause and repeat your announcement when the radio is clear and wait for the CPO to acknowledge. Continue until you have confirmation your message was received.

2.4.1  Campus & Facility Usage

Under Section "Use of WWRC Campus and Facilities for Non-Routine Events" changed to direct readers to Forms cabinet for WWRC Special Events Campus Use Form.

2.4.11  Responding to External Requests for Information

Title changed to Responding to External Requests for Information and Engagement with Elected Officials, and Purpose Statement, and Accountability Indicators were updated accordingly.   Subsection added titled "Contact with Local, State, and Federal Legislators and Other Elected Officials".    Documents restrictions and protocols for WWRC employees. 


3.1.1  Agency Guidance Documents

Removed reference to Code of Virginia 2.2-4008 as it has been repealed and added reference to 2.2-4013.1.

3.2.7 Key and Lock Control

Updated reference to IT Information Security Standard

4.3.1   WWRC Department Manuals, Forms and Documents

Updated HRAW Flowchart




December 1, 2017 - January 31, 2018 



2.2.1  After Hours On-Call Administrator Access

  • Added general expectations for WWRC employees
  • Added standards and expectations for On-Call Administrators

2.3.15 Medical Services for WWRC Day Students

  • Addressed use of AWARE and DocFinity for primary access to basic medical information in emergencies with back-up plan being maintenance of a printed student enrollment sheet in event access to AWARE and DocFinity is unavailable.

2.3.18 and 3.4.4 Report Distribution

WWRC's policy and related procedure on Report Distribution has been updated to:

  • Demonstrate compliance with HIPAA and Privacy laws/regulations
  • Remove reference to transcription services (no longer used)
  • Reference DocFinity as the official source to house reports    

2.4.6  Employee Educational Assistance

  • Clearly defines DHRM Policy as the regulatory guidance and foundation for Educational Assistance
  • Clarifies the intent of AGM 2.4.6 within the parameters of DHRM policy
  • Reinforces central administration of all requests for educational assistance through OD&QA to ensure alignment with DHRM policy and interpretive guidance as well as AGM 2.4.6
  • Establishes that educational assistance for a part-time employee under AGM 2.4.6 may be authorized if the decision addresses a critical organizational need (exception vs. norm, but allowable)

2.4.12 Space Management

  • Updated Listing of Building Managers

4.3.1  WWRC Department Manuals, Forms and Documents        

  • Added Human Resources guidance documents for employees and approvers for leave request revisions
  • Added MRP Client Program Management Procedures under Medical reference documents
  • Added Section for Assistive Technology – Seating and Mobility with guidance charts for:
    • Seating – New Client Scheduling
    • Seating ENF to Initiate Delivery
    • Seating – Active Client Delivery Scheduling
    • Seating Client Outcomes at 30 Day Call
    • Seating Client Outcomes prior to 30 Day Call

November 1 - 30, 2017 



2.4.10 Refund Policy: (including Return of Title IV Funds) Implementation

  • TITLE CHANGED TO: WWRC Education and Training Refund Policy Implementation Standards, Expectations and Protocols
  • Revised to comply with Department of Veterans Affairs regulations

3.4.3  Refund Policy

  • Revised to reflect changes in 2.4.10

5.2.2:  Sanctioned WWRC Teams, Committees, and Workgroups

  • Infection Control Committee Meeting Dates – Changed to Quarterly the 3rd Tuesday of February, May, August and November (2-3 pm)

5.2.3:  Sanctioned WWRC Team Charters - Infection Control Committee

  • Membership and Roles – Changed PPS Housekeeping to Facility Services
  • Meetings – Changed to Quarterly the third Tuesday of February, May, August and November (2-3 pm

October 1 - 31, 2017 


2.3.4 WWRC Student Grievance and Appeals Management System

2.3.4 has been revised to provide a general overview and subsections 2.3.4(a) (WWRC Student Grievance Management System) and 2.3.4(b) (Institution Level Consumer Appeals: Triggers and Protocols) added to provide detailed guidance on processes

4.4.1 Student Code of Conduct has been updated to address student grievance and appeals management system

4.4.2 Client Handbook has been updated to reflect student grievance and consumer appeals processes


Changes - September 1 - 30, 2017

2.1.2  Tobacco Use Policy

  • Replaced Campus Map with designated smoking areas with updated map

            dated September 26, 2017

4.3.1  WWRC Department Manuals, Forms and Documents

  • Updated Switzer Guest Lodging Guide and Brochure


4.4.1 Student Code of Conduct and 4.4.2 Student Handbook

            Updated both to reflect:

  • additional guidelines on use of WWRC/BRITE Transportation Systems
  • addition of items with exposed heating elements to contraband examples
  • shop work/lab work is not allowed in residential settings (dorm rooms)

5.2.2  Sanctioned WWRC Teams, Committees, and Workgroups and 5.2.3 Charters

  • Updated to reflect approved charters for the Executive Team, Executive Staff and DLT and to include approved framework for  Report out Expectations


Throughout AGM, replaced references to Life Skills Transition Program (LSTP) with Pre-employment Readiness and Education Program (PREP)

Throughout AGM, reflected latest title changes for Executive Staff member


Changes - July 1, 2017 - August 31, 2017


5.2.3 – Autism Advocacy Partnership Charter

5.2.3 –Instructional Technology Coordinating Subcommittee Charter


Summary Statement AdditionAGM 2.3.1 updated to include visual summary of business process coordination between the Admissions and Vocational Training Departments & Business Office.   Also updated Virginia Department of Education reference and link for 2017 version of Guidelines for Home Instruction in Virginia.

All items under Section 4.1 are now linked to SRM Sharepoint Site.  Added 4.1.9 link to Safety Data Sheets



AGM Changes May 1, 2017 – June 30, 2017



2.2.26   Small Unmanned Aircraft System Operations

                        New Protocol

4.2.2.a   Vision for Business Engagement

4.2.2.b  RSA Roundtable Report

5.2.3    Sanctioned WWRC Team Charters

     Occupational Advisory Committee Charters

Manufacturing Technology Training Program

Production and Assembly Worker Training Program

Stock Clerk Training Program



2.1.3   Cashier Office Access and Use:  Removed the following sentence on bullet #1 – statement is no longer applicable because all Social Security/Disability checks are now paid electronically:  "One day of notice is needed when cashing disability settlement checks". 

2.2.1   After Hours On-Call Administrator Access:  Added protocols for network outages

2.2.5   Contacting WWRC Facility Services:  Removed Larry Soper and replaced with Janice Cash as Environmental Services Manager.  Removed references to PPS and changed department name throughout to WWRC Facility Services.    Also changed AGM Procedure Title to reflect current department name and all related Table of Contents pages.

2.3.1  Ability to Benefit Testing

Title changed to Title IV Student Financial Aid Eligibility & Coordination of Services; policy and procedure related to Ability to Benefit provisions revised.

2.4.8   Inventory Management: Updated business processes for inventory management and control, per current protocols

2.4.12 Space Management - Removed references to PPS and changed department name to WWRC Facility Services.  Added link to Building Manager List.

2.5.3  Facility Services Work Order System: Removed references to PPS and changed department name to WWRC Facility Services.  Removed reference to the TMS Work Order System which is no longer active.   Replaced with current business processes for Work Order Requests.

3.3.1  Ability to Benefit Testing

Title changed to Title IV Student Financial Aid Eligibility & Coordination of Services; policy and procedure related to Ability to Benefit provisions revised.

4.3.1  WWRC Department Manuals, Forms and Documents

Added Human Resource related checklist and flowcharts

            AHR Flowchart

            HRAW Completion Checklist

            HRAW Flowchart

4.4.1  Student Code of Conduct

            Added information regarding Day students under Campus Residence


    • Day Students
      • Day students are permitted to access campus activities and services
      • Day students must exit campus by 10 PM (may be modified by Rehabilitation Team or administrative decision)
      • Day students are not permitted in any residential student room, but may access any common area on campus such as the Recreation Hall and Dorm Lobby.  

            Under Personal Appearance, added following statement:

Performing tattooing, piercing, scarring, or body modification of any kind on another student is prohibited. 

4.4.2  Student Handbook revised June 2017

Under Personal Appearance, added following statement:

Performing tattooing, piercing, scarring, or body modification of any kind on another student is prohibited. 

Added information regarding Small Unmanned Aircraft System Usage at


5.2.2  Sanctioned WWRC Teams, Committees and Workgroups: How Business            

            Gets Done in a Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center

            Under definition for a Committee, added language for Subcommittee



AGM Changes:  March 1, 2017 - April 30, 2017




2.4.23 – Providing Tribute to Others

NEW protocol that clarifies business processes for the naming of locations on the WWRC campus, the designation of a memorial or dedication in memory/honor of an individual or an individual's service, and the use of "Blue Service Signs".  

5.2.3  Sanctioned WWRC Team Charters

            Institutional Advisory Committee Charter

Occupational Advisory Committee Charters

Automotive Services Training Program

Business Support Services Training Programs

Computer Support Specialist Training Program

Culinary Skills/Food Service Training Programs

External Training Option

Health Occupations Training Program


2.4.12 – Space Management

REVISED protocol to update policy references, clarify expectations relative to campus mods (regardless if a building or space), and provide a written format for proposed modifications (NEW FORM created, also attached, that will be added to internal forms cabinet, upon approval). 

5.2.3 – Conduct Review Board Charter

REVISED charter language to clarify the role of the CRB Chair in identifying and recruiting interim members/alternates in the event regularly appointed members/alternates are not available.




















AGM Changes:  January 19, 2017 - February 28, 2017



2.3.28 - Urine Drug Screen (UDS) Administration and Management

  • WWRC Urine Drug Screening (UDS) Administration & Management Overview
  • Substance Abuse Assessment & Treatment Protocols
  • WWRC UDS Administration Protocols
  • Circulation of Results




2.2.20 - Safe Operation of Vehicles On and Off Campus

  • Removed references to the Knowledge Center and replaced with the Virginia Learning Center
  • Clarified that this AGM protocol references safe operation of vehicles on and off campus
  • Added protocol for use of state-owned vehicles outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Added protocol for use of a personal vehicle in the discharge of official duties


3.2.15 – Title IX Policy – revised to remove references to AGM 2.3.27 and related terminology and regulatory citations, consistent with removal of 2.3.27, pending further guidance


4.3.1 - Operations Manuals under OD&QA

  • Added the forms listed below:
    • Master New Employee Orientation Checklist – General/Core (all positions)
    • Master New Employee Orientation Program Training Requirements (non-supervisory positions)
    • Master New Employee Orientation Program Training Requirements (supervisory positions)

  • PERT Internal Procedures Manual updated February 14, 2017


4.4.3 – Added Behavioral Menu of Services


5.1.2 – Updated Campus Map to reflect elimination of smoking area outside PT/OT area at Birdsall Hoover


5.1.3 – Added WWRC 2017 Planning Calendar




2.3.27 - Providing Supportive and Non-Discriminatory Services for Consumers who are Transgender or in Gender Transition

  • Removed, pending guidance from the State Attorney General's Office.  This is in reference to change in federal guidance and issuance of Dear Colleague Letter, dated February 22, 2017.  







AGM Changes:  November 2016 – January 18, 2017



  • 2.4.22:  WWRC Capital Outlay Program

    Documents administrative protocol for operation of WWRC's Capital Outlay Program


  • Section 1 – Overview

    Removed reference to HHR dashboard which is not currently available; updated references to DARS/DRS and District managers
  • 2.1.1: Vision in Action

Replaced reference to Knowledge Center with the Virginia Learning Center; removed reference to 3000 cases yearly.

  • 2.1.2:  Annual Employee Training Requirements

Updated references to the Virginia Learning Center and required timelines for completion of New Employee Orientation Program curriculum components

  • 2.1.7:  Ethical Conduct

Removed reference to Ethics Service and replaced with Ethical Decision-Making Model.

  • 2.1.9:  Orientation for Staff, Volunteers and Interns/Affiliates

Updated hyperlinks, references to the Virginia Learning Center, and required New Employee Orientation Program curriculum components. 

  • 2.1.10:  Research Development & Administration

Updated hyperlinks, & references to the DARS Policy & Legislative Affairs Unit

  • 2.1.11:  Staff Professional Development & Training

Updated references to the Virginia Learning Center and reflected factors considered in making overnight travel-related training decisions

  • 2.2.5:  Contacting WWRC Physical Plant and Facility Services

Under Office Moves, added information that will be considered when office move is requested along with reference to AGM 2.4.12 Space Management.

  • 2.2.9:  Inclement Weather

    Removed requirement to notify Agency Human Resources staff of employees who are designated as essential personnel and added the following sentence:  There is a checkbox on the Employee Work Profile (EWP), signed annually, that indicates whether the employee is designated as essential.  
    Updated link to WWRC Snow Removal Schedule revised 1/5/2017

  • 2.3.4:  Institutional Level Consumer Appeals – Triggers and Protocols

Changed titles for staff members who may be invited to participate under Trigger 2 scenario from Principal to Career and Workforce Development Director and from Dorm Manager/Supervisor to Residential Division Head

  • 2.3.6:  Client Records

Removed references to Vocational Records Committee

  • 2.3.7:  Confidentiality, Privacy, and Disclosure

Reflected department name change to Records Management Services Department

  • 2.3.12:  Incomplete Records Closure

Reflected department name change to Records Management Services Department

  • 2.3.13:  Maintaining Appropriate Staff/Consumer Boundaries

Removed reference to Ethics Service

  • 2.4.1:  Campus and Facility Usage

    Removed reference to "Catch and Release" in information regarding fishing at lake
  • 2.4.3:  Continuing Education Provider Administration & Management

Updated references to the Virginia Learning Center

  • 2.4.7:  Forms Development, Approval and Management (Client-Related)

    Removed references to Vocational Records Committee
  • 2.4.12:  Space Management

Added information regarding requirement for submitting VCCC Ticket for relocation of computers, network connections and telephones

  • 2.4.13:  Staff Participation in Speaking Engagements

Added statement:  when speaking in a "non-official state business" capacity, WWRC employees must be clear in all communications that views expressed are their own and do not represent the views of WWRC or the Commonwealth of Virginia.  If contact information is provided for follow-up, personal contact information must be provided (personal email, address, phone). 

  • 2.4.14:  University Internship/Affiliate Learning Experiences

Updated contact liaisons

  • 2.4.19:  Data Requests, Data Management, & Data Use:  Required Protocols

Updated position title information to remove references to the DARS Policy & Planning Unit (organizational restructuring)

  • 2.4.20:  Customer Satisfaction

Updated position title information to remove references to the DARS Policy & Planning Unit (organizational restructuring)

  • 2.5.2:  IT Security Training Management & Accountability System

Updated references to the Virginia Learning Center and clarified process for compliance documentation. 

  • 2.5.3:  Physical Plant Services (PPS) Work Order System

Added specific information regarding name of work order system and link to system

  • 3.1.3:  Capital Outlay

Changes made as a result of new AGM Procedure 2.4.22

  • 3.1.15:  WWRC Recycling Program

    Corrected title on page

  • 3.2.12:  Threat Assessment Policy

Clarified circumstances which would warrant representatives from Human Resources and/or Rehabilitation Counseling to be part of Team

  • 3.3.3:  Client Records Standards

Reflected that vocational record standards are managed through Records Management Services Director through meetings with managers and supervisors in vocational services and removed reference to Vocational Records Committee.


AGM 4.3.1 –

PPS Policies and Procedures 1.5 (Overtime Policy) and 1.8 (Safety Shoes Reimbursement) have been revised as of January 12, 2017


AGM 5.2.2 -

Revised/updated per 9/21 WWRC Executive Team Retreat discussion

  • REMOVED:  DRS/WWRC Performance Management System Team; Marketing Committee; Ethics Service Consultation Committee; Vocational Training General Advisory Committee {this is REPLACED with the DARS (DRS/WWRC) Business Development Team which meets COE standards/requirements}
  • ADDED:  Conduct Review Board; Virginia Code citation for CTAT; DARS (DRS/WWRC) Business Development Team {replaces former Vocational Training General Advisory Committee}
  • UPDATED:  Column for assigned lead(s) now reflect POSITIONS vs. specific staff names; meeting frequency for Workforce Development Business/Industry Advisory Committees to meet updated COE standards/requirements


AGM 5.2.3



                Infection Control Committee

                Safety and Risk Management Committee


Postsecondary Education Rehabilitation and Transition Advisory Council Charter – added to AGM 11/3/2016





New Procedure

2.3.27 - Providing Supportive and Non-Discriminatory Services for Consumers who are Transgender or in Gender Transition

Documents standards and expectations relative to serving consumers who are transgender or in gender transition


3.1.6 - Non-Discrimination for Vocational Rehabilitation and WWRC Services  

Updated to cross reference to Policy 3.2.15 and removes reference to a policy that no longer exists

3.2.15 - Title IX

Updated to reflect inclusion of transgender issues and cross references Policy 3.1.6

Student Handbook updated 8/2016



Changes: June-July, 2016





  • Updated all references to Vocational Services Division aligned with changes effective July 1, 2016

    • Career and Workforce Development Division (name change from Vocational Services Division)
    • Workforce Development Education & Training Department (name change from Vocational Training)

  • Reflected name change of Executive Staff member from Pat Swisher to Pat Lancey throughout the AGM

  • Updated WWRC COOP to reflect 2016 version

  • Updated name of the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program to Virginia Veteran and Family Support (VVFS)

  • Corrected several outdated  links throughout Manual


    2.1.12   Tobacco Product Use
    • Added bullet under "Use of Designated Smoking Areas" for Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems

2.2.12   Operation of WWRC Passenger Vans and Buses

    • Accountability section updated to clarify 3 components of required training curriculum and staff training roles/assignments related to these components 

2.4.1     Campus & Facility Use

    • Establishes standard external user facility use fee for use of auditorium and pavilion which can only be waived at the discretion of the WWRC Director
    • Reinforces 60 day advance notification requirement for special event requests through opening governance statements

5.1.1     Organizational Chart

  • Updated to reflect current staffing and division changes relative to WWRC operations, effective July 1, 2016


Changes: April - May, 2016




  • Updated contact information in User Guide
  • Updated dates from 2014-2016 to 2016-2018
    • Home Title Page
    • User Guide
    • Preface

2.1.16 – Consumer Job Shadowing on the WWRC Campus

** NEW **

2.2.12 – Operation of WWRC Passenger Vans and Buses

    • Under "accountability" section, additional re-training requirement made when an individual is found at fault in an accident or is identified as having operated a van or bus in an unsafe manner.  Includes dual requirement to retake the OFMS driver training program and the WWRC 15 passenger van and bus training through the WWRC Transportation Department.  

2.2.20 – Safe Operation of Vehicles on Campus

    • Changed title to Safe Operations of Vehicles on Campus (within document & across all TOC listings)
    • Added section on golf cart/utility vehicle use
    • References new AGM protocol on reverse operations (2.2.24)
    • Reduces timeline to meet new hire completion requirement for DGS Fleet Driver Safety online course from 60 days to 30 days, reflective of Agency/CoV expectations

2.2.24 – Safe State Vehicle Backing Protocols (Operating State Vehicles in Reverse)


** NEW **

 2.2.25 – Hazardous Waste Management

** NEW **

 2.3.3 - Authorization for Outside Medical Goods and Services (OGS)

    • Clarifies alignment with Agency policy on comparable benefits
    • Specifies medication as a potential type of OGS and WWRC cost code assignments when relevant


2.3.7 – Confidentiality, Privacy, and Disclosure

    • Reduces timeline for completion of PHI/PII training from 60 to 30 days, reflective of VITA requirements.

2.3.25 – Management of Student Behaviors

    • Adds reference to new Medication Management protocol (AGM 2.3.26)
    • Clarifies 'clear and present danger' definition as it relates to management of student behaviors
    • Clarifies circumstances and protocol for direct services staff  who may provide a type of physical intervention to remove themselves or others from harm OR at the request of the Police Officer to assist (aligns directly with BEST training)

2.3.26 – Medication Management

** NEW **

2.4.14 – University Internship or Affiliate Learning Experience

    • Update contact name and link for Speech/Communication Services 

2.5.7 – SharePoint Site Administration & Management

** NEW **

4.2.1 – WWRC Scope of Services, Access, and Maintenance of Residential Status

    • Clarification on admissions criteria & medication management non-compliance as a potential trigger for immediate discharge
    • References alignment with AGM 2.3.25 and 2.3.26

4.3.1 – WWRC Operations Manual

    • Updated all OD&QA Documents with new contacts and revised business processes                  



4.4 – Student Handbook

      • RENAMED to Student Services
      • Subsections created as indicated below, with updated references as indicated
        • 4.4.1 – Student Code of Conduct (NEW)
        • 4.4.2 -  Student Handbook (revised)

5.2.3 – Sanctioned WWRC Team Charters

  • Add:  Conduct Review Board Charter (NEW)





January - March 2016


2.1.8 – Grant Development & Post-Award Administration

  • REMOVE subsection on "Special Considerations for WWRC-Foundation (WWRC-F) Grants"

2.1.12 – Use of Tobacco Products on WWRC Campus

  • Updated opening statements to clarify application of protocol to both smoke-inducing and smokeless tobacco products.

Within subsection titled "Use of Designated Smoking Areas", clarification provided how this applies differently, dependent on whether using smoke-inducing and smokeless tobacco products

2.2.4 - Campus Safety
Under "Visitation Management System" subsection, language added to reinforce requirement to wear a visitor tag while on campus and to clarify that any visitor must have a clear purpose for their visit.

2.2.9 – Inclement Weather

Clarification provided on access to snow removal schedule & related map link

2.3.16 – Mental Health Crisis Intervention for Clients
Clarification as to key contacts during regular business hours and after hours

References added to After Hours Administrator Access protocol (AGM 2.2.1) and protocol for transporting clients in a medical emergency (AGM 2.2.11)

4.3.1 – WWRC Department Manuals, Forms, and Documents 

  • Updated Behavioral Health Services Manual


November 2015  

2.3.24 WWRC Client Transportation 

October 2015 

2.2.1  After Hours On-Call Administrator Access 

  • Diagram updated:
    • Nursing box – Changed phone # to:  540 332-7192 (Rothrock Hall)
    • Removed box for Physician Services and made notation:  Nursing will contact the On-Call Physician, if indicated. 

 2.2.4 Campus Safety  

  • Added 10/15/15 revision date,
  • Added new paragraph under Visitation: 

Individuals and groups of individuals who wish to tour the WWRC campus are expected to contact WWRC's Office of Volunteer Services.   Tours are typically scheduled in advance; however, the Office of Volunteer Services will try to accommodate unannounced visits, where feasible and appropriate.    Individuals wishing to tour the campus must be accompanied by a staff member.  If an unannounced visit is not able to be accommodated at that time, the individual(s) will be given contact information for the WWRC Office of Volunteer Services for a scheduled tour.   


2.2.9  Inclement Weather (NEW)

2.2.15  Reporting Abuse or Neglect  - added Governance Reference and revision date of October 15, 2015:

2.2.23  WWRC Consumers Travel To/From Campus (NEW)

2.4.17  WWRC Recycling Program (NEW and revisions made)

2.4.21  Portable Space Heaters (NEW) 

3.1.15  WWRC Recycling Program  

  • Added effective date of January 15, 2015 and inclusion of additional recyclable materials
  • Ensured consistency between this policy and related procedure regarding recycling program scope 


3.3.11  Renamed -  WWRC Consumers:  Travel To/From Campus   

4.31. WWRC Department Manuals, Forms and Documents  - added subsection entitled "DARS Adult Protective Services (APS) Division" and posted two pdf documents under sidebar entitled:  

      • Indicators of Adult Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation
      • Mandated Reporters Brochure


September 2015


Section 2 WWRC Administrative Procedures Statement:

  • Removed Donna Hoover's name and title.  Revised Steve Conley's title to:  Information Technology & Records Management Services:  Steve Conley, WWRC Information Technology (IT) Director.
  • Changed Section 2 policies references/contact info from Donna Hoover to Steve Conley:

2.3.6    Client Records
2.3.7    Confidentiality, Privacy, and Disclosure
2.3.12  Incomplete Records Closure
2.3.18  Report Distribution
2.4.7    Forms Development, Approval and Management (Client-Related)

Note:  Also changed email contact links to contained under the paragraph entitled Client Forms Review and Approval Protocols.  


2.3.16 Mental Health Crisis Intervention for Clients  

Clarified Physical Aggression and Mental Health Disposition Options by creating separate new diagrams for Physical Aggression and Mental Health/Screening Assessments.


2.4.14 University Internship/Affiliate Learning Experiences 

  • Under "Standardized Protocols for Partnerships with University Program", removed the reference to state application in the third bullet.


2.4.20 Customer Satisfaction – NEW 


Section 3 WWRC Policy Statement: 

Removed Donna Hoover's name and title.  Revised Steve Conley's title to:  Information Technology & Records Management Services:  Steve Conley, WWRC Information Technology (IT) Director.


3.3.11 Pedestrian Travel To/From Campus – NEW  


August 2015 Updates 


2.3.4:  Institution Level Consumer Appeals:   Triggers and Protocols
REPLACES former procedure 

  • clarifies WWRC's role in the implementation of VR policy for consumer appeals
  • clarifies expected protocols when a consumer is dissatisfied with services and requests an appeal


2.4.2.b:  Animals in the Workplace - Updated version posted

In response to a staff member's question, clarification is provided as to expectations when a family member wants to bring a pet to campus to visit a consumer-in-residence


2.5.1:  Information Security Access Agreement (ISAA) Use

  • Updated -- requires managers and supervisors to submit an ISAA immediately upon notice of a separation by an employee to reflect the anticipated end and walkout dates. This will ensure the network account is disabled in a timely manner, in accordance with IT security requirements.


4.3.1:  WWRC Department Manuals, Forms, and Documents  

  • Updated Separation Checklist for Supervisors (HR Subsection) -- reflects change in 2.5.1.


5.2.3  ITAC Charter - updated for 2015

5.3.2  Logic Model - updated – new information


July 2015 Updates


Section 2: Procedures and Business Processes

2.1.6      Employee Recruitment, Selection, and Hire

  • Added links to New Employee Hire and Orientation Checklist for Supervisors            


2.1.9      Orientation for Staff, Volunteers, and Interns/Affiliates

  • Added link to New Employee Hire and Orientation Checklist for Supervisors


2.1.13    Volunteer Services

  • medical treatment benefits updated in Volunteer Benefits section


2.1.15    Employee Separations

  • NEW procedure (also added to Table of Contents)


2.4.1      Campus and Facility Use

  • Language added regarding a potential facility-use  fee schedule on page 1 as well as page 2 of the form
  • Campus Facility request form revised to have checkboxes for commonly used areas
  • Removal of references to facility use passes and use of heated indoor swimming pool
  • Addition of reference to use of Visitor ID Badges. 


2.4.14    University Internship/Affiliate Experiences

  • Updated contact for Speech-Language Pathology (chart)


Section 4:  Reference Documents

4.2.2.     Achieving the Mission:  Workforce Driven Training Programs

  • Clarification that only select training programs (vs. all) have a 6-week internship after mastery of skills is reached in a classroom setting.   The section on accessing community-based internship applies to these select training programs.


4.3.1      WWRC Department Manuals, Forms, and Documents  

  • Added Human Resources (HR) on sidebar
  • Added Employee Separation Checklist for Supervisors and New Employee Hire and Orientation Checklist for Supervisors under HR sidebar options


4.3.5      Other Useful Links

  • Added bullet for VITA Customer Care Center