User Guide

Navigating the WWRC Governance Manual


  • After accessing the WWRC Governance Manual, you will see the title page:


Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center (WWRC)

WWRC Administrative Governance Manual

Policies, Procedures, Standards, and Expectations



  • The left side of the screen contains the Table of Contents and all Sections of the Governance Manual.  If you click on the Table of Contents, you will see all sections of the Governance Manual.  You may click on any Section contained in the Table of Contents to bring it up onto your screen. 
  • Likewise, you may click on any Section in the left sidebar and it will bring up all the subsections contained in each.
  • You'll notice that a new tab will appear for each link opened. You may wish to close each tab by clicking the "x" on the right side of the tab, as you complete your review of that content.
  • There is NO PRINT FUNCTION associated with this SP site. This is an intentional strategy to facilitate REAL-TIME access to accurate information and resources. If there is an accommodation or unique business need for a print copy of any part of the manual, contact your Division Director. 


Other Functions:

  • Navigating back to front page:  If, at any time, you'd like to go back to the main page where the Table of Contents and Sections are listed, you may simply click Go back to Main Home Page in any section's sidebar to get back to the beginning of the Manual.
  • Search - At the top right hand of your screen, you will see a Search function.  You may type in a word, such as "PERT", and the Search function will bring up pertinent sections containing the word, "PERT".   
  • You will need to use the Back key to get back to Sharepoint if you do not click on one of the sections that you searched for.
  • Web links and Email links - In the text of many sections, you will see blue web links that contain internet, intranet or internal WWRC Governance Manual Policy references.  If you click onto those words, the link will take you to the pertinent web page for more information about the reference.  Likewise, Section 2 administrative procedures contain a contact person's name; clicking on that name will bring up the email link any each person listed.
  • Keyboard Shortcut  for Zoom In/Out –Press the Ctrl and the + or – keys (on right hand side of keyboard)

If you have any questions regarding accessing information contained within the WWRC Governance Manual, please contact

Any questions regarding policy content should be directed to: