Corporate Partnerships


Since 2014, in partnership with Agency Business Development Managers, WWRC has strategically cultivated relationships with employers and corporate networks to "connect classrooms to workplace standards and expectations" and to modify curriculum to increase the likelihood of successful placements for training graduates, with long-term retention opportunities.     The Hershey and CVS Health models were among the early examples of this, with other corporate bodies expressing interest since then for replication within their organizations.   WWRC's newest corporate partnership is with AmeriCare Plus, a Virginia-based health care company.



The 2017 Investing in America Report and Vision 2020 Investing in America Report, sponsored by the Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation (CSAVR) feature success stories that highlight WWRC's Business Engagement Vision in Action with Hershey and CVS Health and ongoing workforce initiatives with CVS Health.   In Summer, 2018, WWRC partnered with DARS and Fairfax County Public Schools in nominating CVS Health for a Virginia Rehabilitation Association (VRA) Business Partner of the Year Award in recognition of its active corporate workforce initiatives focused on caeer pathways and long-term retention for individuals with disabilities.


This type of collaboration between DARS/DRS, WWRC and our community business partners illustrates how strong business relationships allow for successful paths to employment for VR clients. WWRC continues to strengthen its partnership with DARS/DRS Business Development Managers, Placement Staff, and VR Counselors to ensure WWRC's workforce-driven programs are in synch with the labor market and the comprehensive needs of Agency clients and to facilitate direct alignment with requirements under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA).