​For questions about Transition and Education Services, please contact: 
Martin Kurylowski, Transition and Education Services Coordinator
Email - Martin.Kurylowski@dars.virginia.gov​
Phone - (804) 662-7516



T​ransition and Education Services assist students and youth in the movement from school to the world of work and adult life.  The Division of Rehabilitative Services (DRS) is one of the divisions under Virginia's Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS).  DRS works together with students, youth, families, schools and community agencies and organizations to provide services that lead to a successful transition from school to work.

DRS has five districts and 30 field offices located across Virginia.  Each DRS office provides Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) and Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) transition services.  Pre-ETS and VR transition services help students with disabilities successfully move from school to post-school life.  The delivery of the continuum of transition services is a multi-year process and involves a partnership with students, their families and schools, and other service providers to help young people achieve their life and career goals.

The DRS Transition Services staff maintain this site as a resources for field staff, transition partners and the c​ommunity.  

​Site Contents

Overview of site contents:

  • On the top left side of this page are​ links to the site's contents.  Click on the links to access the resources within.  
    • Pre-ETS Resources 
    • Resources for Vendors 
    • VR Transition Services 
    • Community of Practice on Transition

Details about site contents:

  • Pre-ETS Resources
    • This section of the TES SharePoint site contains Pre-ETS resources and marketing materials and information.
      • Folder 1- resources for the 5 required Pre-ETS.  Here you will find sub folders for each of the 5 Required Pre-ETS. These folders contain curriculum, lesson plans, activities and games.  Staff are encouraged to submit information they want shared with others to the Pre-Employment Program Coordinator so it can be added to the corresponding Pre-ETS resource folder.  You will also find the “Pre-ETS Resource List with Links" document.  This document is a master list of Pre-ETS resources and associated links.
      • Folder 2- Pre-ETS marketing materials, flyers and handouts.  Here you will find the Pre-ETS marketing materials, flyers and hand-outs, to include the 2018 Pre-ETS newsletter, links to Pre-ETS videos, a PE to VR guide for students and families, etc.
  • Resources for Vendors
    • This section of the TES site contains resources for vendors partnering with DARS for Pre-ETS.
      • Folder 1- vendor flyers (only a couple of agencies have provided flyers thus far)
      • Folder 2- WINTAC resources.  This includes the WINTAC CRP guidebook and WINTAC Pre-ETS FAQ
      • A document outlining DARS guidance and requirements for vendor Pre-ETS
      • A document with a link to access a recorded webcast for vendor staff.  The webcast provides an overview of DARS' Pre-ETS Program and partnering with DARS for Pre-ETS
  • VR Transition Services
    • This section of the TES site contains transition services guides
      • DARS Transition Services Guide
      • US Department of Education Transition Guide
  • Community of Practice on Transition
    • This section of the TES site contains information from Community of Practices (CoP) on Transition.  This CoP recordings, PowerPoints and related documents