In this tutorial you will learn how to easily change the template of your SharePoint site. Easily change the background, fonts, color scheme, or add a watermark. This video is less than two minutes long because that is all you need!
**This tutorial is intended for site owners with permissions to make changes to the site template.
How to navigate through all those "little blue boxes" in the back end. This is how beginners get to be intermediate users. Great way to explore SharePoint and learn more about how your site really works.
For the contributor. SharePoint can work with your Excel Documents, once you learn how to import them!
A must see for document collaboration. Why send multiple copies of one document out to your team when you can just send everyone a link to the same copy and work on it together? Find out why SharePoint is the solution for collaboration and how to successfully work on a document or project without ever attaching another file to an email.
Now that you have that library, start filling it!
This tutorial has no sound incorporated with it, but its simple enough to follow along with. Quickly learn how to add an out-of-the-box webpart to your site.
This tutorial from Lynda.com gives a brief overview of how to navigate a typical team site. Perfect for the beginning user.
This 30 minute tutorial gives you the basics of navigating a SharePoint team site. DeShon Clark is a well spoken instructor that is showing his students the basics of the site, but anyone with access to SharePoint 2013 can follow along.
This is a great starting place for those who are new to SharePoint or those who just need a refresher course.
This video shows how to edit a page in SharePoint. Perfect for the beginner.